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Vechaar Museum – World of Utensils | Ahmedabad

June 4, 2018

What is the Vechaar Museum?

Vechaar ( Vishala Environment Center for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research ) Museum is a heritage museum of utensils. It is designed as a rich heritage of India.

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Who created Vechaar Museum and Why a utensil Museum?

The Museum was created by Mr Surendra C Patel. It was on the year 1981 when went to Saurashtra ( Saurashtra, also known as Kathiawad or Kathiawar, is a peninsular region of Gujarat, India ) with his interior designer to bring some ancient utensil to give the Vishalla some traditional look.

There he meets a craftsman who is melting the brass to sell and gets his earnings. The designer immediately felt and understood what is missing to become a heritage. From there the idea was processed faster and the steps are well taken to establish the museum.

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What are the specialities of Vechaar Museum?

There are many specialities of this museum one of them is its Heritage environment. The hut-like structure of the museum building. The quadrangular space of the hut and Temple in centre of it make it more eye-catching.

There are Utensils made of wood, stainless steel, copper, mud, glass, brass, bronze, zinc, and German silver.

There are more than 3000 utensils are presented like metal utensils, nutcrackers. The metal type varies from brass, copper, bronze, zinc to German silver. The vessels in the exhibit are the ones used for fetching water, milking, storing ornaments, travelling, household items, worship, and many more.

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Why should you Visit Vechaar Museum?

This is the only utensil museum in India, you can find the heritage look on it which is beautiful. The food in Vishala which is another major point.

You can study the art and architecture of utensils. It is one of the best places for photography and videography.

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What is the Address?


Opp. Vasna Tol Naka,

Ahmedabad 380055.

Ph. : 079 - 26607974

Fax : 079 - 26607974

website :

What is the Opening Timing & Tickets?

Timing: 3 PM to 10.30 PM Everyday ( Except Monday ). Monday is Closed.

Entry Cost - Rs 20 / adult & Rs 10 / children

Photography - Rs 100 / device

Videography - Rs 500 / device

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Which is the Best Season to visit the Vechaar Museum?

On my recommendation, Winter will be the best season to visit the museum. But according to the timing you can also visit in summer but it is better to visit it after 6 PM. As in Ahmedabad, the summer is really very hot until 6 PM.

Nearby Hotels & Restaurants

The museum is itself inside the vishalla restaurants. So you can easily visit the museum and also have an exciting dinner in vishalla with Gujarati cuisine.

Other than vishalla there is a Varakhwala Party Plot & Heritage Hotel is present just nearby it.

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Nearby Place

There are 3 places which are the nearby Vechaar museum which is listed below:

  • Sarkhej Roza
  • Queen Palace
  • King Palace Sarkhej

How was Outside Surrounding?

The Surrounding is fine. The area is developing as compared to Ahmedabad Central area. but the surrounding is safe and you can get the transportation easily.

From that area, you can find auto rickshaw, Cabs all the time.

What is the real experience of the author with Picture?

I and Priyanka decided to visit the Vechaar Museum for very long time. But we are not getting time to see that. On summer 2018, 20th May we decided to visit it. We got out for the museum around 3 PM. Its summer in Ahmedabad, so it’s very hot. We took the cab it took almost 20 min to reach us.

From the outside, it is not so attractive. There was a small hoarding of Vishalla. So we went inside. When we went inside it is really relieving. There are trees everywhere and on a summer afternoon, we do not feel so hot inside vishalla. It was awesome, then we went to the ticket counter which is also the vishalla restaurant counter.


The people are very welcoming and provide us with the tour of the museum. It was an awesome experience in summer. But I personally recommend that it is better to visit vechaar museum after 5 or 6 PM in summer. Or the best season to visit it was winter.

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