Vada Pav – My first Gujarati snacks

December 3, 2017

Vada Pav is a very famous vegetarian snacks. It is basically found in every part of state in India with different variety. I am basically from bhubaneswar and in 2013 when I first ate vada pav in bhubaneswar and they told me this is a gujarati snack. That time I don’t know I will be going to live in Ahmedabad and will have a great relationship with gujarati foods.

My first experience is the vada pav is very spicy with a bataka vada that is aalu chop called in bhubaneswar middle of pav. But when came to ahmedabad and first I went for an interview in prahladnagar garden that time I didn’t done my breakfast. So I came outside in searching of food. And in a small stall they are selling vada pav and dabeli. I ate vada pav and it is totally different than what I ate in bhubaneswar . Here in gujarat they use garlic paste and green chutney with coriander and pudina. The spicy chutneys changes the taste of it.

It is a very famous snacks in gujrat. You can find vada pav in any snacks store in just Rs 10 INR differ from stores to stores and it is all time favorite food. My first year in Ahmedabad I ate vada pav and dabeli maximum in my tea break during the office hours.

In Gujarat there are many types of vada pav like vada pav in oil, vada pav in butter, cheese vada pav, tikki vada pav and samosa pav etc. I like cheese vada pav. It is having an additional cheese layer in the vada pav. Tikki vada pav is having aalu tikki in place of aloo chop in vada pav. This snacks is so simple that we can also make it at home and enjoy it.

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