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Trip to Ujjain | Madhya Pradesh

January 21, 2018


Let's start with my introduction, I am Rishi Shah from Ahmedabad and a web developer. I have written this article to share my journey to Ujjain with my family. I am not a professional blog writer but still, I want to share my side of the story with you guys and hoping that you will like it!

Rishi Shah

Last month 22th December my father's company organized a tour to Ujjain, Omkareshwar and Bandhavgarh national tiger park. So I end my office at 5 PM and went to the home at 7 PM. There I found that all my family members are very excited. So we had our dinner and went to my father's office where we had started our journey. When we reached the office I saw almost 300 persons are waiting near the buses. At 9 PM all buses started with loud music and we all were dancing and enjoying.

Around 2 AM we reached gothra MP border and there are approx 40-50 army men are present to protect our buses and private vehicles. Seriously I found that it was very dangerous area to drive alone at night. But finally, we reached UJJAIN safely at 4 AM. And guys it was very very cold approx 7-8 degree. But we went Mahakaleshwar temple for attending the early morning "Bhasm aarti". The Bhasm aarti is really popular and very attractive and spiritual to attend. After attending the Bhasm Aarti some spiritual energy filled in our bodies. You can find lots of video on Youtube for bhasm aarti, I am also sharing one of the videos here.

This video is created by Youtube Channel named Dharm Shakti.

We explored Ujjain all day and we saw around 17 temples. Let me provide you my favorite 5 most beautiful temples which you can visit in Ujjain.

  1. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga
  2. ISKCON Ujjain
  3. Kal Bhairav temple
  4. Chintaman Ganesh temple
  5. Ram Ghat

Then we went to visit Maharaja Vikram Aditya's castle. It was an awesome castle and it is preserved very nice. At night we went to the local market and eat lots of good local food like chat puri, sabudana vada, kachori, samosa and yes ragda chaat which was my favorite.


Next day we went to omkareshwar temple but there were around 2 to 3 thousands of people were there so we can not go inside the temple but yes we saw an omkareshwar dam built on the Narmada river. And it was very beautiful and natural sight to visit. At evening we started our journey to our next place "Bandhavgarh  Tiger National Park".

After traveling 400 kilometers from Omkareshwar to bandhavgarh we reached to the tiger sanctuary. If you go by your private vehicle then you must go into it by their vehicles but we have 3 to 4 buses and around 300 persons so we entered into it on our own buses. After few hours we saw the tigers and one is really very big and scary as well.

Lastly, we had our dinner and started traveling to came Ahmedabad back and it was approx 1100 kilometers distance. Our 3 days journey was very very fantastic and we all are very very exhausted so we all fall asleep on the buses and when we wake up finally we reached Ahmedabad.

So, this is my story of Journey to MP and back to Ahmedabad. Ujjain is an awesome place to visit. There you will find lots of spiritual and adventurous events to make the trip memorable.

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