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Top 2 Stepwells Near Ahmedabad

February 11, 2018

Stepwells are the wells or ponds which are developed with the stairs. As Ahmedabad is a historical place where you can find many stepwells also. These step well are basically 60 – 70 years old. If you are in Ahmedabad than you should visit the stepwells in Ahmedabad. Below I am listing top 2 stepwells near Ahmedabad which you should visit if you are here.

1. Adalaj Stepwell or Rudabai Stepwell

Adalaj stepwell is situated in Adalaj which is near to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. It was built in 1498 by Rana Veer Singh and having the combination of Hindu and Muslim architectural style. It was a 5 storied step well. In Adalaj, there were 2 wells one is vav and another one is well behind the vav.



According to the history, the construction of the stepwell is started by Rana Veer Sing. Before the construction is complete the kingdom was attacked by Mohammed Begda. Mohammed Begda was a Muslim ruler of the neighboring kingdom. On that battle, Rana Veer Sing defeated and killed. After that battle, all the kingdom of Rana’s belongs to Mohammed Begda.

Rudabai who was Rana Ratan Sing’s wife wanted to perform Suttee on the death of Rana Veer Sing but Mohammed stopped her. As she was a beautiful lady so Mohammed Bagda wants to marry her. When he proposed to Rudabai, she rejected the proposal as she was from Hindu religion and in Hindu culture widow can only spend their rest of the life like that in the memories of his husband or can be suttee. But Mohammed stated that in Muslim culture widows can marry if they want.

Rudabai accepted the proposal but in one condition that Mohammed first completes the construction of stepwell which was started by his husband. Mohammed agreed on that and he started the construction again.

Rudabai wants to complete the stepwell, When the construction was completed then Rudabai achieved her objective. She decided to end her life, she took rounds of the well by doing prayer and jumped on the well.

There are many versions of this story and you can find more in the reference links like Wiki 


As this is situated in Adalaj which is nearer to both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Below are the map and the direction from the main road to reach the destination.


It is opened in every day of the week in between 8 AM to 6 PM. There is a lot of crowds present in every day including weekdays. The best time when the crowd is minimum is during 8 AM to 12 PM. This is the best time for photography, painting etc.

Adalaj Stepwell Image Gallery


Dada Harir Stepwell which is situated in Asarwa Ahmedabad. The stepwell was built in 1500 A.D. by Bai Harir. According to the information provided on Mosque, it was built by Bai Harir Sultani the chief officer of Female Quarters of the Sultan Mehmood Begda of Gujarat.

There is 2 well present in the Dada Harir Stepwell.This is having a mosque and the tomb with beautiful architecture. This stepwell is lying just behind the Tomb of Dhai Harir. In the walls of the stepwell, there was carving in Sanskrit and Arabic language.


The stepwell present in Asarwa Ahmedabad which is nearer to Kalupur Railways station. It is around 2 KM from Prem Darwaja.


The well is opened every day between 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. It is recommended to visit the well on the afternoon as the sunlight reaches the end of the well. We can take cabs or auto rickshaw to reach the place.

There are no particular stories found on this stepwell. For more information, you can check the wiki.

If you are visiting Ahmedabad than you should visit these stepwells because for the beautiful architecture of the wells. For more places in Ahmedabad, check out the other posts in Ahmedabad.


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