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Thol Lake – Gujarat

July 24, 2019

Gujarat is famous for its lakes and step-wells. Thol lake is one of the lake which is preserved by the Gujarat government.

Best time to visit thol lake

The rainy seasons and the winter are the best seasons to visit thol lake. As it is also a bird sanctuary. In these seasons you can find flamingoes and many different birds and animals.

During summer the groundwater decrease so you may not see any birds in the lake.

It is a sunrise and sunset point as well. The view is very tremendous during this time.

Lake is famous

Bird Sanctuary

During monsoon and winters, we can see lots of different birds but maximum flamingoes. During our several visits during these seasons, we found flamingos, Neel cow, snakes and other birds.


The place is so naturally beautiful that attracts mostly photographers to capture the beauty of it.

Photography is allowed over there. photographers came there for Wedding photography, Modelling photography, wildlife photography and many more.

We are researching more to know the exact cost or any other formalities required or not.


  • Cannot tease the animal or birds.
  • Cannot bring outside food inside the gate.
  • No trespassing
  • Park vehicles in proper parking areas.

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