Story Of The “Queen”

August 28, 2017

It​​ was ​​the ​​first ​​time.​​ First​​ ever.

I​​ used​​ to​​ see​​ that​​ advert ​​on ​​television​​ daily &​​ So ​​I​​ decided ​​to ​​do ​​it. ​​I ​​took​​ a ​​sketch​​pen ​​& ​​a ​​last page​​ of​​ my ​​school​​ sketchbook ​​&​​ started…​​ & ​​Completed​​ it​​ within​​ 2 ​​hours.

It ​​was​​ Spider​​Man.

I​​ was​​ crazy​​ fan​​ of ​​spider​​man​​ &​​ wanted​​ one ​​of ​​some ​​goodies ​​they ​​showed ​​as ​​prizes.​​Though ​​I never ​​got ​​response​​ for​​ my ​​courier,​​ that​​ drawing​​ made​​ me ​​realize ​​that ​​I​​ am​​ able ​​to ​​draw something,​​ if​​ not​​ accurate​​ but ​​reasonably​​ good.

So ​​I​​ started​​ trying​​ with ​​everything​​ – ​​mostly ​​the ​​images​​ on​​ notebook​​ covers.​​ Some​​were​​ that good ​​that ​​I​​ was ​​proud​​ to​​ show–off,​​ &​​ others…​​Well, ​​you’ll ​​just​​ die ​​laughing…​​

This ​​hobby​​ became ​​obsession ​​when ​​the ​​”Pokemon​​era” ​​came. ​​I​​ took ​​a​​ rough ​​sketchbook ​​&  literary​​ filled ​​it​​ with​​ Pokemon​​ sketches !​​ More​​ than ​​50 ​​if​​ I ​​recall…​​ I​​ was ​​crazy ​​for ​​Pokemon.

Then​​ came ​​the ​​”study​​era” of ​​higher ​​education. ​​All​​ my ​​hobbies ​​started ​​fading​​ away​​ and ​​drawing was​​ one​​ of​​ them. ​​But ​​it ​​was ​​not ​​too​​ long,​​ as ​​I​​ started ​​being​​ passionate​​ for ​​sports​​ vehicles.  When​​ other ​​students ​​were ​​busy ​​in ​​writing ​​down ​​chemistry ​​& ​​maths ​​formulas ​​on ​​their ​​last ​​pages, my​​ notebooks ​​were ​​full​​ of ​​random ​​illustrations​​ of ​​sports ​​cars,​​ bikes ​​& ​​fighter ​​jets.​​ [Ps. ​​It ​​didn’t  get​​ well​​ with​​ my​​ studies ​​as ​​I ​​failed ​​in ​​multiple​​ exams.]

We​​ were ​​told ​​to ​​bring ​​anything​​ creative​​ that​​ we​​ have ​​made​​ out ​​of​​ our​​ hobbies ​​or​​ passion.​​ Oh! That​​ diploma​​ days!!​​ My ​​first crush!!​​ She’d ​​kept ​​a​​ beautiful ​​little ​​girl’s ​​photo ​​as ​​her​​ profile ​​image on ​​Facebook…​​& ​​I​​ wanted​​ to ​​draw ​​that ​​kind ​​of ​​thing ​​for ​​a ​​long ​​time.​​ Something ​​that ​​is ​​not ​​an  illustration ​​but​​ an ​​actual​​ picture ​​with ​​shades ​​of​​ expressions.

& ​​I​​ made ​​it! ​​Wow, ​​that​​ was​​ awesome! ​​Perhaps ​​not ​​so ​​perfect,​​ but​​ you ​​can’t​​ complain ​​as ​​I ​​made it​​ with​​ a​​ sketch-pen​​-​​in​​ one-shot.​​ No ​​erasing ​​possible.​​ That​​ drawing ​​gave ​​me ​​a ​​little ​​fame​​ which  I ​​had​​ never​​ seen ​​before.​​ To​​ have ​​that  ​​attention​​ continuously,​​ I​​ decided ​​to​​ find​​ more ​​beautiful  pictures​​and​​ make​​ sketch​​ of​​ them.

Drawing​​ could​​ not​​ become ​​my ​​passion .​​ I​​ draw​​ when​​ I​​ want​​ to ​​draw.​​Sometimes​​ I​​ can ​​draw something ​​within ​​few​​ hours, ​​& ​​sometimes ​​it ​​takes​​ weeks.​​ I​​ started​​ drawing ​​portraits​​ with​​ a drawing ​​”Queen”. ​​It​​ was ​​the​​ first​​ one.​​ A​​ challenge ​​from​​ me ​​to ​​myself.​​ First​​ drawing ​​of ​​a ​​real  person .​​& ​​I​​ made ​​it​​ in ​​days.​​ Part​​ by ​​part.

& ​​May be ​​the ​​best​​ creation ​​of ​​me!

The​​ only ​​sketch ​​with ​​full​​ beauty ​​of​​ a​​ girl , ​​her ​​expressions​​ with ​​all ​​her​​  curves.

A​ true ​​milestone.​

I​​ made​​ many​​ portraits ​​after ​​that ,​​ but​​ none ​​of ​​them​​ could​​ make ​​that​​ impact. ​​I​​ always​​ take ​​that  sketch ​​as​​ a​​ challenge ​​& ​​I​​ believe ​​if​​ I​​ could​​make​​ one​​ such​​ beautiful ​​thing , ​​I​​ could ​​make ​​many more.

While​​ writing ​​this,​​ again ​​I​​ have​​ one ​​image ​​in​​ my ​​mind…​​ Is​​ it​​ going ​​to ​​be​​ “the ​​best​​ one” ? ​​Let’s hope for the best!

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