August 22, 2017

A Person who is property of another person in terms of physical, mental and emotional is a slave. Yes, we are slaves not of others but from our own minds. Our minds has restricted us within boundrys. I always often ask the people around me that what you think what actually life is all about?

Many replied good salary,  roam around world,  A good house, Audi and many more. Is this what actually life is?

This  things does’nt satisfy as but these are increasing by time.  Our mind has instructed us to study,  to have a job, to get marry, its instructing us and we are accepting as slaves.

Life is not about have a career,  getting job,  making money but its about making ourself a better person.

A person who think others as same as human, not by there categories.

Many people ask me back, how you know  what life is?

I said its your way to see your ownself and own world. The way you think the way you see the world by profession i am student who topped the master degree semester. I was happy for an instant because i was made goal to be a topper but when i crossed that line i asked myself,  do i am really happy?

I replied no. That time,  i felt like a slave who was working from such a long. then when i was happy actually?

When i met my mother,  when i help someone,  when i go somewhere without naming,  when i do not listen to my mind that was the moment i was really happy for.

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