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Science City Ahmedabad

March 24, 2018

Ahmedabad is a place which always encourages education, technology and science. Science city is the combination of science with amusement. It is an interesting place where many type of science ideas and models are displayed.

The area was full of different hall of activities like Hall of Space, Panel Earth Pavilion, Hall of Science, IMAX 3D Theater and many more.

Attraction Points:

The main attraction points are the Planet Earth Pavilion where you can find the huge dome-shaped earth. This is the largest dome in India and was built over 9000 sq.m hexagonal grid pattern. Inside this dome, no liquid products are allowed. There are plenty of sections are present and all of these are really entertaining. For more or detail information you can visit the site Planet Earth Pavilion.

Another point is Hall of Space, it is designed and displayed the space models and exhibitions of pictures about the space and satellites. The whole environment gives visitors a really good experience of space and communication on space.

When it comes to nature and science then there is also a beautiful place as Life Science Park which includes dinosaurs statues on the entrance and brings nature to life. There are several corners like Aviary & Non-flying Bird Corner, Cretaceous Park, River System and many more.


These are few and the main attraction of the science city which is listed above but apart from these there are many places like food corner to enjoy food and thrill ride section etc. This was a great place for tourists, children.

Address :

Science City Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380 060

Map with direction and communication:

Due to Science city, the area near science city is well developed and well connected to the city. It is around 1 or 2 KM from SG Highway. From Science city to the SG Highway you need to take the share or reserve autorickshaw if you don’t have a vehicle. From Science city approach which is connected to the SG Highway, you can find BRTS and AMTS any time to anywhere.

Opening Timing :

Science city opens everyday from 10AM to 7PM.

Ticket :

For tickets, you have to purchase it at the entry gate. You can also book the ticket online from their website, to book the ticket proceeds with the following link .

The camera is not allowed on inside but you can take your phone to click the pictures.


Adult: 20 INR
Child/College Group(per student): 10 INR
School Group(per student): 5 INR

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For more, you can check their website and the activities with all information:

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