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Sarkhej Roza | Sarkhej Dargah | Jama Masjid

August 9, 2018

In the time of Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad city was built, on that time Sarkhej was a small village.
It was related to Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh who was a Sufi saint and a friend as well as an advisor of Sultan Ahmed Shah.On the death of his friend, Mohammed Shah plans to build a tomb along with a mosque.

After that Sarkhej slowly grows into a royale resort where the royal family does meditation and leisure. I have never been to this type of place where you find so much peace and feel so calm. It attracts me towards its architectural design.




When we enter the Sarkhej Roza the first thing your eyes will see is the sixteen pillared structure.
Which is beautifully built and placed in the center of the yard.

sarkhej roza




Basically, it is a prayer hall but not as same as other masjids. It is big in an area surrounded by pillars and the most extraordinary appearance of the masjid is that you can hear the prayer at the furthest end of the Masjid.

sarkhej roza




The Lake hike the calmness and create a pleasing environment in the Sarkhej Roza. People had faith in the lake that after a bath in it would cleanse them.

sarkhej roza




The place where the king himself and for his family upraised the tombs as like they never want to leave the Sarkhej Roza.




If you ever visit Ahmedabad then you must check this place for its history, architectural design and for its peace.

This place is having a library in it where you can check out the story, photos, history and many more.




Post Jivraj Park, Sarkhej Makarba Road, Makarba, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380051

It is around 10 min distance or approximately 2 KM from Divyabhaskar. 4 KM to Shyamal char rasta 15 min distance.



As this is a masjid, it has its own traditions. Here people do their prayer and have their own beliefs. So there are some points we should keep in mind like taking the dupatta, do not shoot modeling photo on the prayer ground.




I have heard a lot about the Sarkhej Roza since we living in Ahmedabad. So I decided to visit it. It was the starting of the rainy season of 2018. But in Ahmedabad, the rain is not started at that time but the climate is beautiful.

I go to that place by SG highway which is more direct route and easiest route. The Roza is around 2 KM away from the main highway ( SG Highway ).

Once we are there it is very beautiful, it is the prayer timing so we can hear the sound of the prayer which is very beautiful. Then we see all the whole place and get lots of beautiful pictures and videos. It is a peaceful and awesome place to visit. We have missed the Kings and Queens palace for the first time but we will definitely be visiting this place and seeing the kings and queens palace.

sarkhej roza

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For more information about Sarkhej check out its official link and Wikipedia

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