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How to travel to Puri, Odisha

May 2, 2019

Puri a city of Odisha in eastern India. This is also famous for Shree Jagannath Temple which is one of the temple from main Char dham. Every year many devotees come from every where to take the blessing of Lord Jagannath.

Puri is a coastal place and so it is very beautiful. In this article you will be going to know how to travel from Bhubaneswar to Puri. After that where to go and where you will found best place to eat and other activities.

Bhubaneswar to Puri Travelling

If you want to travel from bhubaneswar to puri then you can travel by bus or by car. If you want to travel by bus you will find the local buses travelling from bhubaneswar to puri all the time. To catch the bus you can go either Barmunda bus stand or you can stand on Rajmahal. All the buses are passing through that route.

It approximately take 2 hour if we travel by local bus because it go by the the route of Pipli.

If we are travelling by our own vehicle we can take direct bridge route which will constructed now but it will reach approximately 1 hour and 30 min.

Shree Jagannath Mandir Darshan

It is preferable that you take Shree Jaggannath Prabhu darshan before 8.30. In this period the crowd is little less then other hours. You can see the auspisious avatar of lord Jagannath.

In puri you will find lots of pundits who can guide you to every direction and tell you about the history and stories. They will do the prayer with you with proper mantras and suggest you for prasad and maha prasad.

Inside Jagannath Mandir nothing is allowed No cameras, No mobile phone, No water bottles. You have to store every belonging of yours outside storing stores which is build mainly for this purpose.

On around 2 PM to 4 PM maha prasad is started. This is a very auspicious prasad. This prasad is made in lord laxmi kitchen.

Want to have a tasty breakfast?

In odisha, you will get delicious breakfast at very cheap price. One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants is The grand terrace hotel It is just in front of Puri restaurant and you can see beautiful mandir from the terrace restaurant. The south Indian is best at that place and the tea.

Puri Beach

Puri beach is one of the beautiful golden beach in India. It is also well maintained. It is very crowded everyday and mostly between 10 AM to 7 PM.

You can rent chair and see the sunset and sunrise. Currently the chair cost is Rs 10 per hour. You can also store your valuables into the storage center if you want.

The beach is always graded by life guards and local fishermen. It is totally safe in puri beach.

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