hirni fall

Hirni Fall

November 19, 2017
  • Hirni Fall

Jharkhand, as you know that it is the land of forest. It is also known for waterfalls, animals, and mountains. In this article, I am going to tell you about one of the waterfall which is not famous as compared to the other waterfall in Jharkhand and it is named as Hirni Fall.

It is located in West Singhbhum, Chaibasa – Ranchi road. Around 70 Km from Chaibasa via Chakradharpur. After traveling for 2 hours from Chakradharpur we reach our destination the Hirni Waterfall. It is with a height of approximately 120 feet and gets its stream from the river of Ramgarh.

After reaching to the hirni fall you have to purchase one ticket of Rs 5 INR for site viewing and if you are having a vehicle than according to the vehicle you have to purchase the parking ticket. As I have the bike so I brought only Rs 5 INR vehicle parking ticket.

Generally, Hirni Fall is a tourist place but along with that, it is also a picnic spot. Here people gather in a huge amount on weekends, holidays and in new years mainly for the picnic. In normal days people, students came here for the site viewing. As this is near National Highway so generally people came there for spending time. Being a picnic spot, people came here with their families and friends choose a spot where they cook food, spend quality time with nature, play games and take bath in the waterfall.

As it is surrounded by dense forest and mountain, previously it is only a waterfall with big mountain stones. Now it developed in such a way that there is a lot of stairs are built with small bridges around the water of the waterfall. So people can enjoy the view and can walk easily from one viewpoint to another. This place consists of some towers where you can climb up and see the forest and the whole waterfall. There is some sitting places are also built where people sit and relax. The natural waterfall attracts the people most with the waterfall bath. The cool water and the sun rays refresh and relax the mind as well as the body.

The place is not so dense as it is surrounded by the forest. There are no big villages present nearby but there are small houses present where people stay. After 10 km you will find some dense villages, stores where you can find the necessary items. The hirni fall caretakers are maintained it very well and done a very good job. After swachata abhiyan the place became more beautiful and clean.

This is a nice place to hang out and picnic, away from cities and pollution here you can find peace. If you are crossing it please do visit the Hirni Fall.

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For more about Hirni Fall you can refer Wikipedia
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hirni fall

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