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Ganpati Bappa Morya

September 9, 2017

It was sunday and I woke up like everyday but that day I have a goal, a plan like a dream going in my mind. As Ganesh Puja is going on. It was the 3rd day of ganesh puja and I am in Ahmedabad so I thought this will be a good start to write an article about it.

So I step out of my home to capture few festival moments. Here in ahmedabad there must be a ganesh murti in every apartment, every home. In my apartment also there is a murti.

As the weather is cloudy I thought of going to the nearest place first. I went to kargil petrol pump then thaltej and after that gurukul road. I have captured only few clips and unfortunately the rain come. So I have to return to my home. I have some pics but I am not feeling satisfied with that.

When I entered to my apartment thinking about the day there I saw a big truck standing and an announcement is going on. Announcement of going to Visarjan – Ganpati Visarjan!!!

The time is around 2PM and everyone in the apartment are rushing to the ground floor where we have the ganesha for the final aarti. I went there and pray for sometime and start to capture it in video. After the final aarti finished the bundi prasad and the laddu is served which is sponsored by my owner Parul Ben. So I took 2 more packets of prasad  . Then everyone take the ganesha a place it in the truck and start dancing.

Everyone is enjoying the moment. I have seen specially in gujrat you will find in every festival they will play garba. That is the tradition of Gujrat and I like it alot though I don’t know how to do it.

Now one by one everyone is sit on the truck. At first I hesitate to sit in the truck as in my entire life I haven’t sit in anything like this. But seeing children and women sitting and enjoying and enchanting ganpati bappa morya I feel like doing it. So I sit on the truck and it feels really awesome. I record all the part of the journey to the sabarmati river side where we are going to dive the ganesha.

When we reached the destination there I saw many devotees with their ganesh some are small some are big. Many had already did the visarjan and returning home and some are just started the final vandana. We did our last vandana and puja and after that all the people together take the ganesha to the deep of the river and dive it.



Then we also take bath in the river and no one is having any mood in coming out of the river. But we have leave as the cloud is coming and we are very far from home. So we decided to return.

This is the journey of mine in ganesh visarjan and having some wonderful moment. 

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