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December 19, 2017
  • Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi ashram in ahmedabad is one of the attraction point for tourist. It is also named as Gandhi smarak sangrahlaya. It is situated near RTO circle in ahmedabad. The RTO circle is the main center point which connect old ahmedabad and new ahmedabad. From there you can get transportation easily to any where.

Before 1963 it was the Gandhi ashram. pandit shri jawaharlal Nehru declared the gandhi samarak sanghralaya of the sabarmati ashram preservation and memorial trust on 1963 by planting the ashok tree. You can find this ashok tree in main entrance of the ashram.

Gandhi ashram

When you reach gandhi ashram you will find charkha stall with having small charkha’s in the entrance. The cost of the charkha is 150 INR and its works perfectly like big charkha’s. The shopkeeper also give the demo how to get the thread out of cotton. There is one small parking lot for 2 wheeler and no ticket required to visit the gandhi ashram. In ashram lots of different rooms are present like Museum, Library, Hriday Kunj, Prathana Bhoomi, Book stall, Public utility and many more.

The Museum and Library named as "Sabarmati satabadi - Ek karyanjali" is the room where you can find lots of posters describing about gandhi's life and works. There is also standees of main leeders who help gandhiji in different fields. In museum there is a standee of main asharamists like maganlal gandhi, Mahadev desai, Jamnalal Bajaj, Kishorelal Mahruwala, Narhari Parikh, Madeleine slade (merabehen) and many more displayed with their biodata. This room describes the life stories and the stories related to sabarmati ashram like dandi march etc.

Gandhi ashram

The next kutir behind the museum is Magan Niwas. Magan Niwas used to be the home of Magan lal gandhi. Maganlal is gandhi's nephew and was the soul of Satyagrahashram. The magan niwas is now a days became the charkha museum where you can see different type of charkha used in that period of time. This room is having approximatly 10 to 15 different type of charkhas. Kisaan charkha is mainly prepared for the farmers. As this is cheap to buy and easily made from woods. Bamboo khada charkha and punjab khada charkha is another type of charkhas. There is 2 different type of Rahjasthan khada charkha present. Andhra khada charkha's are the most largest charkha present there. There are 2 type of andhra khada charkha present. These are some of the charkha which are there in the display. Apart form these there are lots of different type of charkha, paintings, photographs and letters are in display.

Apart from Magan Niwas there is an upasana bhoomi. This bhoomi is made for morning and evening prayers. There many other places like Hriday Kunj, Vinoba Kutir and Mira Kutir and Udyog Mandir. The main attraction point next to Magan Niwas is the Hriday Kunj. This is the home of Gandhiji having many rooms like Kasturba's Room, Guest Room and others. In Kasturba's room there is display of kasturba's belonging like bed, charkha, photo's etc.

Gandhi ashram

The Sabarmati Ashram is one of the peace place in ahmedabad. This place is really give you the peace of mind. This place is a well develope and well maintained by it's care takers. You can feel the presence and touch of Gandhiji in this ashram.

As Gandhi ashram is situated in the bank of Sabarmati riverfront that's the reason it's environment gives awesome experience to its visitors. The awesome environment and the historical architecture attract the painters. You can find bloggers, photographers, children visiting the ashram.

Gandhi ashram

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