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Bhimkund Waterfall | Odisha

February 19, 2019

Bhimkund a waterfall, which is located in the border between Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj districts.
this waterfall blows on the river Baitarani which is one of the leading rivers of Odisha.
The way Bhimkund waterfall is like the rocks everywhere in the river Baitarani with sand, the forest side by side with waterfall sound gives you an enticing view.

Bhimkund has two sides because of based in between border. One called Bhimkund Keonjhar side and other one called Bhimkund Mayurbhanj side. Both the sides have temples(Shiva temple in Mayurbhanj side and Ambica temple in Keonjhar side) and picnic spot but the big difference between them is the statue of Bhim ( one of the five Pandavas, according to the folk tales Bhim had taken bath in this waterfall) and the face of the waterfall is in Mayurbhanj side.

If you visit from Keonjhar side you have to cross the river because of not having a proper bridge except one wooden bridge still some people like women and elders will face difficulty because of rocks.

It is the place for picnic lovers. Therefore if you visit this place in the month of January you will find a bunch of people but in ordinary days it had visitors but less in comparison to the new year and Makar Sankranti. In makar Sankranti people came here to take their holy dive.

To visit here, If you came from the Karanjia side it takes approx 40km, the Nearest town it has Swampatna, you will found the welcome gate to Bhimkund near lord shiva temple Swampatna , from here you have to travel around 15km to reach Bhimkund.

Bhimkund is in the Ghatgaon forest range so no villages near it, It has but little far, therefore, you will see only two or three stalls where you can find Biscuits, chips, cold drinks etc but not a proper meal. So in my opinion, if you plan to visit here do a proper arrangement of your food first.

There is no visiting fee or parking fee for you and your vehicle. So it is free of cost picnic spot to enjoy your day very impressive.

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