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Auto World Vintage Car Museum – Dastan

April 8, 2018

 Auto World Vintage car museum Dastan is the museum of antique car, vehicles and motorcycle. This is a private collection. This was built by Sri Pranlal Bhogilal Patel. This is one of the symbolization of classic and antique Ahmedabad.

It is having a large collection of the popular vehicle of the medieval time period. There are around 106 cars present. It is having all type of vehicle from all over the world and of different years. Some of them are having the name from where it is purchased. There are most of the cars of the popular brand like Rolls-Royces, Mercedes, Maybach, Packards, Cadillacs, Buicks, Auburn's, Bentleys, Daimlers, Cord, Lancias, Lincolns, Langondas, Chryslers etc.

The museum is built by the Dastan estate and it is spread over approximately 1100 acre plot. In that area, there is a party plot, restaurant, an auditorium and some area they have agriculture also. This is one of the best vintage car museums in India.

Story Behind - History

The Auto Vintage is formed in the year of 1927 by the family of Shri Pranlal Bhogilal Patel over the last century. On February 15, 1988, India Today published an article on Pranlal Bhogilal inhabits a wonder world of priceless cars and antiques. This describes all the glories he earned for his artifacts and collections.


Why go ? - Exciting things

This museum is the best place for the tourist and also for the car lovers. It is having the different type of vehicles and motorcycles. There are Sports Cars, Carriages which are drawn by horses and people, Shooting Brakes-Cars built for the famous peoples, Boat-tailed Wooden Speedsters, convertibles, Ambulance, sports bikes etc.

Apart from the vehicle, the dastan estate is also a very beautiful place to visit. Thought the palace is closed for the visitors but the surrounding of the museum was really beautiful with trees, flowers, and colors. It is a really good place for photography.

How to Go?

Address:  Dastan Estate, Sardar Patel Ring Road, Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382430.

Dastan Estate is in Odhav, Gujarat. The museum is around 12 KM from Kalupur Railways Station Ahmedabad and around 12 KM from the airport.

Mode of Transportation: If you do not have a private vehicle than you can take the BRTS up to Sardar Patel Ring Road (Odhav), Odhav BRTS stand and from there you can take share or reserve auto to the dastan estate.

How much money required?

Ticket: 50 INR / each

Camera: 100 INR / each

Car Ride: 500 INR

Timing: It opens every day between 8 AM to 9 PM.

Nearby Things

Nearby Restaurants

There is many restaurants present nearby museum. There is Vintage Village Restaurant present inside the Dastan estate. It is a traditional Gujarati Restaurants. Other than this there are many restaurants nearby like Domino's Pizza, Sankalp Restaurant.

Nearby Hotels and Lodge

There are many Lodges and hotels present nearby the museum where you can stay and relax. Karnavati Palace is around 3 KM from the museum which is having a good review.

These are some of the information about the Auto World Vintage Car Museum. Below are some of the reference link for more information.

Official Website: http://www.vccci.com/vintage-car-museum

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