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6 Things You Can Do On Uttarayan Ahmedabad

January 29, 2018

Makar Sankranti is a very famous festival in India. In many regions of India, it is celebrated as Makar Sankranti. In every state, there are some different culture and style of celebrating Makar Sankranti. In Gujarat, it is celebrated as Uttarayan and people enjoy it for 2 days.

During Uttarayan the whole environment is very celebrating and full of joy. There are many activities which people used to do in this holiday. I am sharing the list of some 6 activities which you can do if you are in Ahmedabad enjoying Uttarayan for the 1st time.


1.  Kite shopping

The first part of this festival is kite shopping. I have seen a different craze in Amdavadis. They used to shop kites and the string for the kites from the different area like Mehsana, Rajkot etc. For Uttarayan there are different and a lot of shops for kites, mask, sunglasses, and caps open in every square of Ahmedabad. There is some special Kite bazar/Market where you can shop kites and these places are open in both mornings and in the night. People generally like to shop the kite during nights.



Photography By Rishi Shah

5 Places for Kite shopping during day and Night

  1. Raipur Darwaja Kite market
  2. Tunksaar Kite market
  3. Kalupur Kite Market
  4. Juhapura Kite Market
  5. Sarangpur Kite Market

After shopping the kites it is time to make the string strong so that it should not cut easily. Every kite-flyer tries to protect its kite and fly it high as well as cut other rivals kites as much as it can. So they makes there manja strong by adding glue and glass finely and smoothly in the manja. To make the string manja, there are lots of different shops opens in every square who works in doing manja on those days. They also sell the manja string so you can directly buy the manja string from there only.


Photography By Rishi Shah

2.  Kite flying

Flying kites is one of the favorite part of this festival. Especially in Ahmedabad, people used to have a sound system on their terrace and all family member enjoy the kite flying by playing music. On that day you will found different kinds of music from a different terrace.


It is seen that children are also having very much excitement for kite flying. They get up in morning and choose the correct and higher place on the roof from where they can fly kite. With kite flying, it is seen that they used to cut other kites as well. Catching the cut kites is also a part of the game. When a kite is cut down whoever first catch the kite, it belongs to them. On that day children roam in streets to catch the kite. The whole day if you see the sky is full of colorful kites and balloons which is very awesome.


3.  Uttarayan Food – Undhiyu Puri and Fafda Jalebi.

As Gujarat is also famous for there different varieties of Gujarati food. Here people use to eat a different variety of dish in the different festivals. The food which is famous in Uttarayan is Undhiyu Puri and fafda jalebi.

Undhiyu is a Gujarati recipe and it is very different and unique. It is a mix vegetable dish which is having 5 to 6 type of vegetables mixed together. With undhiyu people prefer to eat fafda jalebi also as a combination. People use to make this at home but there are many places where you can see that special stores open that make Undhiyu Puri, fafda jalebi and sell for that day. This dish is very delicious and awesome.


4. Crackers and Lightning

On the day people fly kite likewise on nights with an addition to kite-flying they use to light candles and cracker to celebrate and enlighten the evening. Previously people used to fly the light balloon in the evening. It seems to very beautiful and when you see the sky you will get small lights flying everywhere. But this is banned due to hazardous effects. Now people don’t fly the light balloon they used to light the crackers.


5.  International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival is one of the events which held every year in Ahmedabad since 1989.  In this year 2018, it was held on 7th January To  13th January. Every year it was conducted on NID  ground riverfront. in this fest, the people from different countries join and fly kites. Here kites of all size and shapes are flown. It’s encouraging masters of kite maker and flyers from all over the world.


The international kite festival is not only famous for kites but also famous for cultural programs, all the type of food court and shops for shopping like traditional clothes, lamps and many many more. It is recommended that if you are in Ahmedabad during international kite festival then visit it, as it is amazing.


6. Vasi Uttarayan

Uttarayan is a celebrated for 2 days, Uttarayan and Vasi Uttarayan. The next day of Uttarayan is Vashi Uttarayan. That day also people used to kite flying and enjoy. They meet their relatives on this day and celebrate Vasi Uttarayan with them.

These are some of the activities which you can do if you are in Ahmedabad during Uttarayan. People in Ahmedabad are really supportive and welcoming so you will never feel outsider if you want to enjoy the Uttarayan festival with them.


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  1. Wonderful post. Ahmadabad is an amazing city. I love this city. It is a very informative article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Kite festival is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this article.

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