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5 Places you can visit in Ahmadabad

May 5, 2019

Today in our list we are going to tell you the 5 places you can visit in Ahmadabad. This is not the regular places which people generally tell you to go. But we will tell you some best and good places in Ahmadabad.

1. Kankariya – Amusement Park

Yes kankariya is one of the most popular and all time crowded place. It is a lake in ahmedabad which is establish to a fun point. The best time is the evening and the best activity is the amusement park.

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2. Vechaar Museum – Vishala

Vechaar ( Vishala Environment Center for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research ) Museum is a heritage museum of utensils. It is designed as a rich heritage of India.

This museum is also know and recognized by very few public. It is not so much crowded. But a great place to photography and dinner in Vishala restaurent ( authentic Gujarati food ).

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3. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Vintage automobiles are always an attraction point for people. In ahmedabad there is an Vintage car museum present as well. This is not that much a cover point when we talk about tourist place but it is awesome.

Auto World Vintage car museum Dastan is the museum of antique car, vehicles and motorcycle. This is a private collection. This was built by Sri Pranlal Bhogilal Patel. This is one of the symbolization of classic and antique Ahmedabad.

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4. Sarkhej Roza

In the time of Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad city was built, on that time Sarkhej was a small village.
It was related to Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh who was a Sufi saint and a friend as well as an advisor of Sultan Ahmed Shah.On the death of his friend, Mohammed Shah plans to build a tomb along with a mosque.

The architecture and the marvel are used to make the mosque is very beautiful. The place is so peaceful and beautiful that you can sit there and stay as much time as you can.

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5. Dada Harir Stepwell

Last but not the least Dada Harir Stepwell stepwell. There is a very famous stepwell present in adalaj that is Adalaj Step well which is very popular in ahmedabad.

But I found more intreseting and facinating Dada Harir stepwell as behind that we have the mosque and it is having less crowded. We can also go inside the well as there no water resource left.

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In Ahmadabad you will find many attractive places. Some are discoverd some are not. But you will always have a great time here as the people are also very friendly and helping in nature.

Explore all the places and let us know if any places we miss to explore. Get an exciting gift hamper.

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